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Have brows? Big ones, bushy ones, barely there ones? not quite sure what to do with them but know you need help? Let me help, book a free brow SOS consultation and together we can come up with a treatment plan to get you the brows you want! I'm not saying it will be easy (I may confiscate your tweezers) but gosh it will definitely be worth it!



A simple brow wax and tint, this option is perfect for microbladed brows OR Browsculpt clients that still need waxing and a tint top up in between appointments and also for those lucky few that already have a great brow shape but just like to define them with a tint and tidy them up with a wax and tweeze.



Definition Brows, a combination cosmetic treatment that skilfully blends brow shaping with makeup application for seriously sleek brows.


Your brows will be tinted, then waxed, tweezed and then have minimal makeup and brow pencil applied if necessary (all products used are available to purchase so you can get the look at home). 


Tinting the brows is especially handy for anyone with fair eyebrows, as it allows your therapist to properly assess the state of your brows before the depilatory process can begin. Waxing will create a totally bespoke, seamless shape, while tweezing will remove any stubborn stragglers.


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