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How to help The Beauty Yard during Lockdown 2.0 by Lou

Hello and Good Evening from The Beauty Yard.

It's been a funny old month so far and life seems weird all over again with the salon closed but whilst the salon is closed this is where you can really help to make sure that we will not be one of the thousands of small businesses that will end up having to close permanently.

Here's a few ways that you can help:

*Follow our Facebook page & Instagram and make sure to like or drop a comment on every post, this way the page stays in peoples news feeds and that is so important for the survival of small businesses. Join in on the games, answer the questions and share the competitions,

* Buy gift Vouchers for the people you love this year, this is a win win as you are giving someone some valuable "me" time whilst supporting local and you are inviting a new face into the salon who might just share their love for the salon with those they love. (stay tuned on our Facebook page for some amazing voucher offers in time for Christmas)

* LEAVE REVIEWS!! EVERYWHERE!! The first thing you do as a potential customer is look for reviews from existing customers! THATS YOU! They don't have to be long and drawn out and you don't need to have a literary degree but anything you do write helps someone else make the decision to come to The Beauty Yard, you love it so why not tell someone else how much and why! You can leave reviews via YELL, FACEBOOK, & GOOGLE. To leave a review via FRESHA you just need to check your emails for your thank you for visiting email and the link to review is in there. The Beauty of Fresha is that you can leave a review after every appointment so you can talk about all the different things you have done and if you don't feel like bragging then Fresha allows you to just leave Star reviews, perfect for those that don't quite know what to say.

AND FINALLY, next time someone asks you about that gorgeous set of nails or your incredible lashes remember to point them in The Beauty Yards direction and if they quote your name on booking you both get 10% off your next appointment.


With love as always and remember to love yourself too,

Lou @ tby


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