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Top ten skincare tips for winter - Sienna X

Biting winds and below-freezing temperatures can make your skin feel like sandpaper over the winter months. Adapting your skincare routine to the changing seasons is vital to invest in the long-term health of your skin. Here are our top skincare tips for winter that will help you keep your skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Invest in a heavier moisturiser or layer up nourishing products

With the colder weather approaching, you want to ensure that your skin is super hydrated and nourished. Look at switching out your lightweight products for heavier alternatives, such as a fast-absorbing serum or facial oils, such as The Facial Oil, underneath your regular face lotion to prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated.

Increase your water intake

To guarantee that your skin has everything it needs to remain plump and soft to the touch, be sure to increase your water take during these colder months.

Remember drinks like fruit juice, tea and coffee count towards your daily H20 intake, but keep them to a minimum as sugars and caffeine can negatively impact the skin too.

Take short showers in colder water

It may sound counter-intuitive, however by doing so helps your skin retain its existing moisture.

Not only that, by doing so will help your skin to retain your beautiful tan, keep hair healthier and stronger over time. Also, switching to gentle body washes over harsh shower gels will help to keep your skin feeling soft and supple.

Take some ‘me time’ to de-stress

A Sienna X Recommendation every time! With so much going on, we always recommend taking a little time for yourself during the week with a relaxing, moisturising face mask, like The Miracle Mask, which removes dirt and grime from the surface of your skin while replenishing lost moisture and providing you with a little ‘me time’.

Don’t forget to moisturise your hands too!

They’re actually one of the few places that lose their moisture the fastest! From everyday work to doing the house chores, they help us to a lot! Be sure to pop your favourite hand cream in your handbag and top up during the day.

One quick trick is to apply hand lotion, pop on some rubber gloves and do the dishes to create the perfect conditions for product absorption.

Add a drop of The Facial Oil to your foundation

Not only amazing for your skin, but The Facial Oil also helps to lend your skin a dewy glow that will get all your friends asking for your secret.

Always take your moisturiser down your neck

We promise it makes a massive difference! Your neck is classed as a part of your face believe it or not, and it needs some love too!

While undergoing your everyday skincare routine, be sure to take the moisturiser to your neck too, however, apply it in upward motions to prevent natural sagging!

Bonus Tip: Talk to your Sienna X Therapist!

A cheeky extra tip for you! Be sure to have a chat with your nearest Sienna X Qualified Therapist about your skin’s needs.

Our network of professionals have been trained to the highest standard to ensure that you feel your most confident self. Skincare therapists will be able to advise winter skincare tips tailored to you. Just hit the chat button below or send us a message via the contact us page, we love talking skin!

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