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my youngest 3 xxx

Lockdown 3.0, Join me in a massive sigh wont you.... anyway moving swiftly are you all doing? It's a little bit weird this time isn't it? It feels like number 2 never really existed but even though schools are closed it doesn't feel as intense as the first one? maybe that's just me? my days are spent herding the children like cattle, I start my day waking them up and dragging them out of bed only to find I'm begging them to go back to bed 12 hours later! then I sleep and repeat.... Again I digress, I decided that this time off was going to be spent getting organised and not trying to worry too much about when I can reopen and the future of my business as I have learnt this past 18 months that actually there is no point in stressing over the things that I can't control, its not worth the lines and high blood pressure (thank you child No4 for that little gift) and to actually only think about the things that make me happy which of course first and foremost is my little famalam, they keep me active, keep me going, keep me sane for the most part and when they don't its the salon that keeps me sane and oh my gosh my mind has exploded with joy thinking of all the wonderful things I'll be able to do when I reopen so I have decided to start by giving you my Top 5 must have treatments to make you feel amazing for when lockdown part 3 is over! No 5 A PEDICURE Treat those toes, I know its not Summer BUT lets face it, those flip flops will be out the first sign of sun we get and going off the last few years that could well be March? Fingers crossed. Even if they don't see the light of day for a while having your toes done does make you feel just that little bit more groomed and that makes us all feel better. LEARN MORE No 4 A SPRAY TAN I don't care what you might think but a spray tan makes EVERYONE feel better and its a really good way of giving you an all over hydration boost, our Sienna X tan will nourish, moisturise and protect the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and smooth. Spray tans also make you look slimmer (something we all might need after the lockdown binges) LEARN MORE

Apres Gel-X Extensions & Shellac
My pretty Nails!

No 3 PRETTY NAILS Having your nails done is so much more than a bit of varnish, your confidence grows, you hold your hands a little different and you catch yourself on multiple occasions throughout the day thinking god don't my hands look pretty! for those of you that have no nails left after lockdown then you MUST MUST MUST try the new apres Gel-X extensions, they are absolutely incredible and I am actually sporting a set myself as we speak and I will be genuinely devastated when I have to remove them for when I get back to work.

No 2 BROW SOS Need I say anymore? get back on track with those brows after lockdown and make sure you book in for one of our brow treatments, I have one to suit everyone. LEARN MORE

AND IN AT NUMBER 1 A FACIAL Well a combined facial, dermaplaning is my go to treatment, it is suitable for everyone and when combined with an express facial and our brand new LED Light Therapy your face will be feeling and looking its best, a well deserved treat after lockdown for sure. There's so much I can say about these 3 but it would double the size of this already long email and so if you have any questions about them or would like me to tailor a package to best suit your skin needs after lockdown then please feel free to drop me a message and we can chat. LEARN MORE

So there we go, if you have made it this far then well done and thank you! Even though we cant book appointments at the moment you can still visit our app FRESHA and buy our discounted vouchers, there's only a limited number of each so don't miss out! We will leave it there for this one, I hope to see you all so very soon, with love as always & remember to love yourself too, Lou @ tby xxx

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