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Wow what a year!!

Oh I don't even know where to start. Thank you is a good a place as any, thank you for sticking by me during the most bizarre year any of us have probably ever had, thank you for still choosing me and thank you for your constant love and support.

This time last year I was recovering from my hernia operation and after having 6 of them removed I was in a really bad way, I had consumed myself with the fear of the operation itself (I have a huge phobia of hospitals) that I never even thought about the recovery which was downright horrific and even now I'm still not fully healed but that's 2021's problem and possibly another surgery but we'll cross that bridge when it comes to it, roll on February and the world started going a little potty, I got flu, proper flu and it was so bad I didn't get out of bed for a solid 9 days which is not like me at all but during all of this "bed rest" I started thinking about my future in Beauty, I wanted desperately to push myself and do more and so I took the leap and after renting a desk space for the previous 6 years I managed to strong arm Jamie from JG Joinery to let me use his office space and I managed to convince my husband Gareth from Atkins Joinery that with a little elbow grease it could be beautiful. So along came March and I moved into my new salon ready to renovate and make it mine but I really don't need to tell you what happened by the end of March, I'm pretty sure its a March none of us will ever forget. But with every cloud comes a silver lining and my silver lining was that in the 5 months I was unable to open it meant I had 5 months to make my salon perfect and exactly how I wanted it and since re opening in July it has gone from strength to strength and that is in most part down to all of you, down to all the love, likes, shares, comments, reviews, trying my new treatments and shouting socially distantly how much you love my little salon, you are all helping me to grow and I hope we can continue it into the new year.

The New Year may possibly bring a new Tier, hopefully not but what it will definitely bring is longer opening hours and new treatments so watch this space.

So again, thank you all, a special thank you to Jamie for letting me take over his yard temporarily and to Gareth for doing the entire salon just how I wanted it and for my bespoke furniture. 2020 has been so hard for everyone for so many different reasons but honestly you have all made my year one of the best I have ever had. Who knows what 2021 will bring, I hope it brings you all more happiness or whatever it is you wish for.

Happy New Year Guys!

I will see you all very soon, take care &

remember to love yourself too,

all my love, as always



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